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Google, Other Sites Affected by Comcast Server Failure

Sep 27, 20062 mins

Comcast, a provider of cable, phone and Internet services, on Tuesday experienced a hardware failure with one of its domain name system (DNS) servers, sparking connectivity issues for some of its broadband customers in the northeast United States and making access to such sites as Google—and a handful of others—temporarily unavailable, the IDG News Service reports via

Jeanne Russo, a spokesperson for Comcast, said the connectivity issues lasted for only a “few hours,” according to the IDG News Service, and that all affected Web traffic was rerouted to a functional server by late Tuesday afternoon.

It is unclear how many Comcast broadband subscribers were unable to access Google and the other unavailable sites, the IDG News Service reports.

A Google spokesperson wrote in an e-mail to the IDG News Service, “Google engineers helped troubleshoot the problem and provided diagnostic information to the ISP.  We believe the issue has since been resolved by the ISP.”

Mountain View, Calif.-based Google is the world’s leading search engine.

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