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Sony Shuffles Control of Electronics Group

Sep 25, 20062 mins

Sony is reshuffling responsibilities in its key electronics group, allowing the head of the division to play a bigger role in Sony’s research and development activities.

The company, which is still investigating the cause of laptop PC fires caused by faulty Lithium Ion batteries it produced, will shift day-to-day control of all its major consumer and industrial products to Katsumi Ihara, Sony said on Monday.

Sony Headquarters
Sony Headquarters

Ihara currently heads Sony’s TV and video business. His new responsibilities will include Sony’s Vaio computers, digital still cameras, digital video cameras and Walkman audio products.

Sony’s semiconductor and component business will be put under the day-to-day control of Yutaka Nakagawa, who currently heads the digital imaging and audio business. Nakagawa will also be promoted from executive vice president to executive deputy president.

Putting the running of the product and component businesses under Ihara and Nakagawa will mean that Ryoji Chubachi, president and CEO of the electronics business, will be free to take direct control of Sony’s research and development activities.

The new appointments and responsibilities take effect from Oct. 1.

-Martyn Williams, IDG News Service (Tokyo Bureau)

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