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U.K. Innovators Build USB-Powered Batteries

Sep 21, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

Moixa Energy has announced its innovative new range of rechargeable batteries that can be powered up using a USB connection.

The USBCELL batteries can charge from any USB port. The top of the battery pops open to reveal a connector, but when fully charged the cell can be used just like any other battery.

Currently available only in the AA format, the range will shortly offer all standard formats, phone and camera batteries.

“Until now the battery industry, although reaching record levels of sales, has failed to keep pace with the exciting developments and device portability in the rest of the consumer electronics industry, the company declares.

Moixa founder and director, Simon Daniel previously invented and licensed PDA folding-keyboard technology, which has been used in over two million products.

Daniel says: “Today there are several billion USB sockets in the world, not only on computers, but on many other devices, that can provide a source of low-voltage power. USB sockets are just so accessible to consumers that you can recharge practically anywhere.”

-Jonny Evans,

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