by CIO Staff

Making the Most of Your Office Phone: Can You Hear Me Now?

Sep 01, 20062 mins
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Recently, I’ve been asking CIOs this question: What’s your most powerful communications device?

Most select their e-mail–enabled cell phones. Some choose their desktop or notebook computers. But those answers, in my opinion, reflect how much the device is used, not its power.

For me, the good old-fashioned office telephone is the champ. And it’s bound to get even more powerful as VoIP-enabled phones begin to proliferate.

CIOs who disagree with me (and most do) point to their cell phone’s agility and flexibility. On that, I’ve gotta agree. It’s hard to attach a desktop phone to your hip or bring it in your car. And, granted, the cell phone does do a good job of helping us keep in touch. Calls made on office phones, however, allow for a fuller exchange of ideas. You talk longer because the sound quality is vastly superior. When was the last time you had to ask, “Can you hear me now?” from an office phone?

Not convinced?

Answer me this: If you had the chance to close a million-dollar deal, and you had a choice, would you use your cell phone or your office phone?

Convinced now?

So make a list each Monday morning of five people—employees doing great work, important partners, key prospects—and write down each person’s telephone number. Vow by Friday to call each one, leveraging the power of your office phone.

CIOs claim that good communication is the key to their success. Try using your office phone more. I guarantee you it will increase the power of your calls.