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Segway Recalls All 23,500 Scooters Sold to Date

Sep 15, 20062 mins
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Segway, the Bedford, N.H.-based firm behind the popular Segway Personal Transporter scooters, on Thursday announced a recall of all 23,500 machines it has sold to date due to a software flaw that could cause the scooters’ wheels to instantly reverse direction and potentially injure riders, the Associated Press reports via

Segway p Series
Segway p Series

On Thursday, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said all Segway users should immediately cease riding the machines, according to the AP. Segway is cooperating with the CPSC in the voluntary recall, the AP reports.

To date, the firm has received half a dozen complaints about the scooters’ wheels reversing direction, and a number of head and wrist injuries were reported, according to the AP.

To fix the issue, Segway is performing software upgrades at its 100 retail stores and service locales across the globe, and it will pay for all associated shipping costs to make sure the issue is resolved, the AP reports.

Segway first made the scooters—then dubbed Human Transporters—publicly available in 2002, and a year later it issued a recall of the first 6,000 machines it shipped due to an issue with their batteries that could’ve led users to fall off when power diminished, according to the AP.

Just last month, Segway introduced two new scooter models with new steering capabilities.

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