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Scottish Group Plans Micro-Display Plant in Dresden

Sep 14, 20061 min
Enterprise Applications

MicroEmissive Displays Group (MED), a Scottish developer and manufacturer of low-energy micro displays, plans to build a production facility in Dresden, Germany.

The company intends to take advantage of the cluster of technology companies and research organizations in and around the city, including the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems, the company said Thursday.

Dresden, a key technology hub in the former East Germany, is home to a number of high-tech companies today, including the German subsidiary of Advanced Micro Devices.

MED produces screens with a polymer organic top light emitting diode base. The screens, according to the company, offer benefits such as small size, low power requirements and high image quality.

The technology is particularly suitable for portable and personal battery-powered consumer products such as digital still cameras, video cameras and wearable displays, MED said.

The new plant is estimated to cost 13 million euros (US$16.5 million). The Saxony state government has offered MED a “comprehensive” subsidy to attract the company to Dresden, MED said. The company did not provide the amount of the subsidy.

-John Blau, IDG News Service (Dusseldorf Bureau)

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