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Google Earth Software Gets Enhancements

Sep 14, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

Google, the world’s leading search firm, on Wednesday unveiled a handful of new features for its Google Earth software, and the new enhancements enable users to dig up even more information about specific locales throughout the world than ever before, the Associated Press reports via Yahoo News.

Any individual with the Google Earth software installed on a machine can access the new upgrades, which include the addition of new video clips taken at cities and tourists areas from Discovery Networks and Turn Here, the AP reports.

Google claims that since the software’s release to the public last year, some 100 million copies have been downloaded, according to the AP. Google Earth is free for all users of Windows, Macs or Linux-based machines, but high-end versions are also available for purchase, the AP reports.

Users access the new Google Earth enhancements by clicking on a “featured content” tab and the new video clips are displayed, according to the AP.

Information on some 58 national parks in the United States will also be provided by the U.S. government, and the United Nations is providing data on environmental changes in 100 different locations across the globe, including areas in Africa and the Amazon jungle, the AP reports.

Just three months ago, Google quadrupled the size of the area its satellites mapped, and currently roughly 33 percent of people around the world can use the application to find views of their residences and cities or towns, according to the AP.

People visiting Google’s map site will not be able to access the recently added features, the AP reports.

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