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Infineon Opens $1B Chip Plant in Malaysia

Sep 13, 20061 min
Enterprise Applications

Infineon Technologies has opened its first chip plant in Asia, a US$1 billion facility located in Kulim, Malaysia.

The Kulim plant will produce power and logic chips used in automotive and industrial applications, Infineon said Tuesday. The factory will use 200-millimeter wafers to produce these chips, one generation behind the 300-millimeter wafers used by the most advanced chip plants currently in operation.

Infineon RFID Chip
Infineon Chip

The Kulim plant will have a monthly production capacity of 100,000 wafers and employ a staff of 1,700 when production reaches full capacity, Infineon said.

The products that will be produced at Kulim include Infineon’s CoolMOS and Smart-Power chips.

CoolMOS chips are used in power supplies for PCs and servers as well as in mobile-phone battery chargers to improve power efficiency and reduce heat, Infineon said. The Smart-Power chips are used in automotive applications, finding their way into a range of systems, including antilock brakes and air bags.

-Sumner Lemon, IDG News Service (Singapore Bureau)

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