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Nokia Gets Fashionable With 3 New Phones

Sep 05, 20061 min

Nokia on Monday unveiled three new mobile phones in Europe as part of its stylish fashion line of offerings, including the roughly $576 7390, the $449 7373, and the $256 7360 models, Reuters reports.

Pricing doesn’t include tax and subsidies.

The Nokia 7390 runs on third-generation (3G) mobile phone technology and supports MP3 playback as well as video-calling functions, according to Reuters.

The Nokia 7373 also features a music player and video-calling functionality, Reuters reports.

Along with the news of the three new fashion-oriented phones, Nokia said it released in Europe an upgraded version of its 8800 phone, dubbed the Sirocco model, which will wear a price tag of approximately $1,280 and feature exclusive music from popular artists, according to Reuters.

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