by CIO Staff

Ryanair to Enable Mobile Use on Planes

Aug 30, 20061 min

Ryanair, an Irish budget airline, said on Wednesday that it will begin to equip its entire fleet of airplanes next year with mobile phone service from communications firm OnAir, and customers will be able to place calls as well as send text and e-mail messages while aboard flights, the Associated Press reports via MSN Money.

Ryanair plans to start the installation on half of its fleet in late 2007, and the remaining planes will get mobile service beginning in early 2008, according to the AP.

The airline’s rates will “mirror international roaming charges,” and its customers will be able to employ their own phones and handhelds, the AP reports. Ryanair will share some of the profits OnAir derives from calls placed during flights, according to the AP.

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair CEO, said cash generated via the mobile service will allow the airline to continue offering low prices for tickets, and that he expects the firm to double its current yearly number of fliers—approximately 40,000 annually—by the year 2012, the AP reports.

Currently, 23 European countries are serviced by Ryanair’s 360 routes, according to the AP.

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