by CIO Staff

Wireless Global Directory Launched

Aug 30, 20062 mins

The Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP) launched its online portal Tuesday to connect wireless companies and venture capitalists to speed development of mobile technology.

The partnership, which has 148 members, 25 developers and 12 VCs, connects clients via the WIPConnector directory and its e-mail component.

WIP Chief Executive Officer Caroline Lewko said the directory will leverage the patchwork wireless industry, which, according to Insight Research Corporation’s 2006 Telecommunications Industry Review, will reach US$1 trillion by 2010.

“The wireless industry continues to be highly segmented, dealing with disparate technologies, platforms and operating systems, a variety of regulatory environments, a lack of standards and a host of other issues,” Lewko said.

“Each part of the wireless industry value chain—from ideas, to developers, to venture capital—and distribution channels are represented, with members including large companies such as Ericsson, Navteq and Nortel and many smaller startups.

“WIP links developers to programs for technical information and support for the creation of new applications, provides a directory for members to quickly identify and contact the right people to network such as those developing technologies within specific market niches, and allows access to market intelligence and directory of industry groups and organizations.”

WIP’s membership outside Australia extends across Canada, America, India, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain with its partner network including the MX Alliance in Scotland, the Ottawa Wireless Cluster, and the Wireless Innovation Network of British Columbia.

Gary Hewett, chief software architect at WIP member Technical Magic, said the directory increases the company’s global visibility.

“Membership in WIP offers us a highly cost-effective way to increase the global visibility and awareness of Technical Magic and helps us collect valuable market data, while the WIPConnector directory has quickly plugged our expanding company into the broader wireless community,” Hewett said.

-Darren Pauli, Computerworld Australia

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