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AT&T Web Store Hacked, Up to 19K Affected

Aug 30, 20061 min
IT Strategy

AT&T confirmed Tuesday that its online store had been hacked and the credit card information and personal data of up to 19,000 customers possibly compromised.

The hacking occurred during the weekend, although AT&T did not say when, resulting in the temporary closure of its online store. The company said it was notifying “fewer than 19,000 customers” about the intrusion, and that it would pay for credit-monitoring services to protect both the affected users and further its investigation of the incident.

The information belonged to customers who had purchased DSL equipment through AT&T’s online store, the company said.

AT&T is still reeling from the investigation of a different kind of privacy infringement—that of its involvement in assisting the U.S. National Security Agency to monitor the communications of American citizens without a warrant.

-Steven Schwankert, IDG News Service (Beijing Bureau)

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