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Apple, Dell Plot Battery Standards

Aug 29, 20061 min
Data Center

Dell and Apple Computer are teaming up to try to develop design and safety standards for lithium-ion batteries following their recall of nearly 6 million Sony-made batteries this month.

The batteries had been reported as overheating and catching fire in some cases.

The two companies belong to an electronic components standard-setting group called IPC, which plans to discuss these matters on Sept. 13. 

“Without a doubt, standardization can and will address the issue of operation and safety called into question by the use of lithium-ion batteries. While the Committee had identified lithium-ion batteries as the next product for standardization, we are going to accelerate our activities now,” said John Grosso, chairman of the IPC OEM Critical Components Committee and director of supplier engineering and quality, sub-tier and critical components at Dell.

Representatives from Lenovo Group and “other major computer manufacturers” will also attend the mid-September meeting, IPC said. staff,

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