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Samsung Shrinks 1-Gigabit DDR2 Chips

Aug 29, 20061 min
Data Center

Samsung Electronics has started mass-producing 1-gigabit double data rate 2 DRAM memory chips using an advanced manufacturing process that allows it to make the chips smaller and at less cost.

The chips, manufactured using an 80-nanometer process, will be 36 percent smaller than their predecessors, which were produced using a 90-nanometer technology, the company said Tuesday.

The figure refers to the size of the smallest feature on the chip. Smaller features mean a greater number of chips can be produced from a silicon wafer, lowering production costs.

Most 1-gigabit DRAM chips today are stacked in high-capacity modules for high-end servers. Thirty-six 1-gigabit DRAM chips are used for each 4GB module.

All of Samsung’s DDR2 chips are now manufactured using an 80-nanometer process. It’s been mass-producing 512-megabit chips using an 80-nanometer process since March, it said.

-Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service (London Bureau)

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