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Microsoft Releases Near-Complete IE 7 Browser

Aug 25, 20062 mins
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Microsoft, the world’s leading producer of software, on Thursday released the most complete version of its upcoming Internet Explorer 7 browser to date, and the firm said it expects the final edition of the software to be released on schedule before the end of the year, the Associated Press reports via the New York Post.

Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 includes the full array of features Microsoft plans to include in the final version, and it’s aimed at techies and other professionals the company thinks may spot issues that need to be addressed before its official release, according to the AP.

Two of the new features included in the release are the ability to open more than one tab in a single browser window—a feature that’s already available in Mozilla’s Firefox browser—and enhanced security safeguards, the AP reports.

Microsoft refused to provide the AP with numbers on how many Web surfers downloaded past beta, or test, versions of the software.

Internet Explorer Group Program Manager Tony Chor told the AP the company is still deciding whether it will release one more beta version of the browser before it’s made publicly available this fall.

People running Windows XP on their computers will be able to download and use IE 7, and all computers shipped in the future with the upcoming version of Windows, called Vista, will include the new browser, the AP reports. Vista has been delayed on multiple occasions, but its release to business customers is expected before the start of 2007, and its consumer release is slated for early next year.

Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 can be downloaded here.

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