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Synaptics, Pilotfish Team on Next-Gen Mobile Phone Concept

Aug 21, 20062 mins
Consumer Electronics

Synaptics, a developer of user interface applications for handhelds, and Pilotfish, an industrial design and product development firm based out of Munich and Taipei, have joined forces on the Onyx mobile phone concept, which employs Synaptics’ ClearPad touch screen and Pilotfish user interface (UI) technology to create a mobile concept that eliminates the need for traditional buttons, as well as static displays, according to an Aug. 21 Synaptics release on Yahoo Finance.

The Onyx Concept UI is fully adaptive, meaning it dynamically morphs into the display its user needs at any given moment.

In addition to the ClearPad’s ability to switch back and forth between displays, it responds to multiple taps on its screen, as well as shapes rendered, gestures made, and its distance away from a user’s hand or face, according to the release. As a result, certain functions or tasks can be made to correspond with a set number of screen taps, specific shapes drawn or actions performed, such as drawing a zigzag line across the screen. The phone could also be programmed to perform certain tasks like activating or dialing a phone number when placed close to a user’s ear.

“Mobile phones are no longer used just for making calls—they have become a single access point for critical day-to-day information,” said Clark Foy, Synaptics vice president, in the release. “The Onyx phone is a breakthrough illustration of how advances in interface technology and collaborative design will drive the future of mobile interactions and services.”

For additional information, visit Synaptics’ Onyx Concept site.

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