by CIO Staff

BBC Mulls MP3 Player/Digital Radio Device

Aug 14, 20061 min
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The BBC is testing the feasibility of releasing a device that would transform MP3 players—like Apple Computer’s uber-popular iPod digital media player, among others—into digital radios, though the British broadcaster hasn’t announced any specific details regarding the potential device’s capabilities or pricing, BBC News reports.

The gadget is still in development stages, and the BBC has not yet announced an estimated time frame for when it could be made publicly available, according to BBC News.

A BBC spokesperson told BBC News, “It’s important for us to make sure that people can listen to digital radio on their own terms.”

The gadget would not be restricted to BBC radio stations, and it could be made available for usage with cell phones and automobiles in the future, according to BBC News.

Though the broadcaster declined to name specific parties involved with the product’s planning and possible development, it did say Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple is not a project participant, BBC News reports.

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