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Verizon DVR to Enable Multi-TV Viewing

Aug 14, 20062 mins
Consumer Electronics

Verizon Communications, a provider of voice services, is launching a new digital video recorder (DVR) that will enable its fiber-based television customers to record content on one TV set and then watch it on separate sets throughout their home, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The new DVR will be available to Verizon’s customers this Wednesday, and it will go for roughly $19.95 a month, according to the Journal.

Verizon fiber-television customers will also be able to use the DVR to view photos or listen to music files stored on their computers, the Journal reports, though music sold via services that include copy-protection technologies—like Apple’s iTunes Music Store—will not function with the Verizon DVR.

Shawn Strickland, vice president of Verizon’s TV management division, said, “There will be no more crowding around the PC to look at photos or videos,” according to the Journal.

In recent days, many large cable firms have moved into Verizon’s territory by offering phone services, and the company is attempting to even the scales by offering television service along with AT&T—as well as unique offerings like the new DVR—to draw customers away from the cable companies, the Journal reports.

Users of the DVR will also be able to view recorded content on multiple TV sets within their homes at the same time, according to the Journal.

In the future, Verizon wants to create additional methods in which the DVR will function with Web content, the Journal reports.

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