by CIO Staff

Dell Sued in China for False Advertising

Aug 11, 20062 mins

Dell, the world’s leading producer of PCs, has been hit with a false advertising lawsuit filed by Chinese consumers that claims the Round Rock, Texas-based firm included different processor chips within its Inspiron 640M laptops than were advertised, Bloomberg reports.

Dell has already admitted the mistake was its fault. The Chinese consumers charged Dell with including Intel’s T2300E chip within the Inspiron 640M laptops instead of the T2300 chip that was advertised on Dell’s website, which enables users to employ technologies on their computers that allow multiple operating systems to run at the same time, Dell spokeswoman Sharon Zhang told Bloomberg.

Zhang said that Dell forgot to make a modification to its marketing materials when the company switched out the T2300 chips and replaced them with T2300E processors in the Inspiron 640M laptops, according to Bloomberg.

“It was an unfortunate and unintended marketing mistake,” Zhang told Bloomberg. “We sincerely apologize and are offering those customers a full refund.”

Though Dell owns the U.S. PC market, the firm is the number-three PC seller in China, where Lenovo is the king of the PC space. Dell has consistently attempted to steal away portions of Lenovo’s market share in the past, and the suit filed against it could impede its progress.

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