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Apple ‘iPhone’ May Arrive Later Than Predicted

Dec 11, 2006 3 mins
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Rumors circulating throughout the Web in recent months have suggested that an “iPhone,” or combination cell phone and music player, from Apple Computer could be released as early as January at the firm’s MacWorld conference; however, new speculation suggests that folks anxious to get their hands on the device—which Apple has neither confirmed or denied—may have to wait longer than hoped for, according to a report on Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) online.

Analysts and pundits have been making predictions about the as-of-yet unreleased device for months, with many suggesting that it could be unveiled at Apple’s MacWorld conference to be held from Jan. 9 to Jan. 12, according to SMH.

Apple is known for announcing its newest major products at the conference, and Steve Jobs, Apple chief executive officer, has in the past waited until the end of the event to reveal the company’s most significant product releases.

Jobs showed off the iPod shuffle—Apple’s smallest iPod—at MacWorld 2005 and in 2006 the Cupertino, Calif.-based firm’s chief executive unveiled its MacBook Pro laptop computers at the conference, SMH reports.

At a separate company event in September, Jobs showed off a device dubbed “iTV,” which can be plugged into a television set to stream content from a nearby computer or Web connection, though it has not yet been made publicly available.  Apple watchers are now suggesting that Jobs may unveil a finalized version of the iTV device at the 2007 MacWorld conference, according to SMH.  At the September event, Jobs told the audience to expect iTV in the first quarter of 2007, SMH reports.

Apple in August filed for patent protection on a device that could function as both a music player and a cell phone, and various sources reported last month that China’s Hon Hai Precision Industry had already been contracted to produce some 12 million iPhones

Kevin Rose, founder of the online technology news locale, in a recent webcast said he’d been told by a source that the iPhone would feature two batteries—one to power the device’s phone capabilities and another for the music player—and that it would be offered in 4 gigabyte (GB) and 8 (GB) versions.

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