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Orange Mobile Users Get Access to PC Content

Dec 07, 20062 mins
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France Telecom, the parent company of mobile phone operator Orange, is offering a service that lets mobile phone users access videos, music and other content from their PCs.

Called “Mon PC a distance,” the service requires users to download a free software client onto their PCs. They can then use any mobile device with standard browsing and multimedia capabilities to view photos or videos and listen to music stored on their PCs. No special client software is needed on the mobile device.

The service, announced Thursday, was actually rolled out last month. France Telecom said it may introduce it in its other mobile markets, which include Switzerland, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

The service is similar to one introduced in November by Orb Networks, which also requires users to download some special client software to their PCs. Orb is one of the services offered with 3 Group’s X-Series mobile data offering, although it can be accessed by any mobile phone with a browser and media player.

3 is charging customers 10 pounds (US$19) per month to use Orb and another service that lets them watch TV on their mobile phones. Orange customers pay 10 euros (US$13) per month for unlimited use of Mon PC a distance.

Nokia and France Telecom designed the service, which will be hosted and maintained by Nokia.

-Nancy Gohring, IDG News Service (Dublin Bureau)

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