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Skype Phone from RTX Needs No PC Connection

Nov 28, 20062 mins

A new cordless telephone that functions with Skype and does not require a PC connection, dubbed the DualPhone 3088 and offered by Danish firm RTX Products, has hit select retailers in Europe, the IDG News Service reports via

The phone has a base station that plugs into traditional landline phone connections and broadband Internet connections so that calls can be placed via both mediums, according to the IDG News Service. In order to make voice-over-IP (VoIP) calls, or Internet telephony calls, the base station must be plugged into a Web connection that is “always on.” If a connection times out after a certain period of time, it is not suitable for use with the DualPhone 3088, RTX said, according to the IDG News Service.

The phone includes a full-color display that shows users information regarding their Skype contacts, and it supports Skype PC calls, SkypeOut, SkypeIn and Voicemail, the IDG News Service reports.

The phone is already available via select retailers in Europe and sells for around $200, according to the IDG News Service.

RTX currently offers a VoIP phone that doesn’t need to connect to a PC, but that phone functions only with Web telephony services that conform to the Session Initiation Protocol and not with Skype, the IDG News Service reports.

RTX claims the DualPhone 3088 is the first Skype-compatible phone that doesn’t require a PC connection, according to the IDG News Service; however, in late August, Skype said Philips and Netgear would offer the first PC-free Skype-compatible phones.

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