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Google Brings Mac Support to Ajax Tools

Nov 17, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

Google has released a Mac version of its Ajax software, Google Web Toolkit 1.2.

The company has also updated its existing versions of the software for Windows and Linux systems. The software means Mac developers can develop and debug Ajax sites using the software.

“Mac support was our most requested improvement,” said Bret Taylor, Google’s senior product manager for developer tools.

Google Web Toolkit is a Java software development framework that makes writing Ajax applications like Gmail “easy for developers who don’t speak browser quirks as a second language”, according to Google.

Google technical lead Bruce Johnson said: “We are pretty proud of this particular feature because GWT is now about as “platform independent” as you can get: Develop on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X and deploy to IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera on any platform, without any special cases in your code.”

The company claims the software is much faster at debugging code, and has revealed a number of new tools from third-party developers designed for use with Google Web Toolkit, from JetBrains, Instantiations and Wirelexsoft.

-Jonny Evans,

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