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TiVo Brings More Web Video Content to TVs

Nov 15, 20062 mins

TiVo, a digital video recording (DVR) firm, on Tuesday announced a number of new programming deals with media companies meant to enhance its service that enables subscribers to watch Internet video on televisions, Reuters reports.

The TiVoCast service’s new programming partners include CBS Interactive, a division of CBS, Reuters Group and Forbes, a business publication, according to Reuters. The new partners will provide content from their Web locales to be watched via TiVo subscribers’ TV sets, Reuters reports.

TiVo users will have access to such new content as Katie Couric’s Eye to Eye show, which is created for, according to Reuters.

The new offerings are expected to be available in early 2007, Reuters reports.

TiVo is attempting to set itself apart from other cable operators that are offering DVR options via service plans, many at prices lower than TiVo offers.

TiVo customers in the past have been able to view Web content from such entities as The New York Times and CNET on their TVs, according to Reuters, and the new partnerships expand the amount of online content available.

In addition to the new programming, TiVo is also now offering a Home Movies Service that will let users share their home movies and beam them to TV sets as well, Reuters reports.

TiVo Chief Executive Officer Tom Rogers said, “Broadband video is growing rapidly on the Web, but the television will continue to be the key way viewers want to watch video,” according to Reuters.

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