by Scott Berinato

Let Us Now Praise Famous Blogs

Nov 15, 20063 mins
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1. From the DailyKOSher

Two more tablets!

Posted on Mon. by Moses, during Elul at 11:32 a.m.

Just back from Mt. Sinai. Again! Got another copy of the 10 rules, carved in stone by the Big Guy, who wasn’t thrilled about the first copy being broken in half. Anyway, you can find a link to the list here. After my brother Aaron’s little Golden Calf incident, I’m not taking any chances. I’ve got an ark, and I’m going to put the tablets in there. If you want to see them, e‑mail me and I’ll arrange.

Comments (2)Posted by Aaron

Cool, bro. Thanks for squaring things with G-d. Peace out!

Posted by G-d

Moses, good post! BTW, the ark is a fantastic idea. You left your chisel here. I’m gonna lend it to Noah. He’s gonna need it.

2. From the Plain Truth

Common Sense

Posted on Wed., Jan. 10, 1776, by TPaine31, at 4:21 p.m.

Well, just as I thought, the MSM (Mainstream Monarchy for you newbies) is at it again, declaring victory just because it’s been a cold winter. Spin, spin, spin! My sources tell me TJeff is drafting a doc. that will blow the wig off George 3’s thick skull! To all my faithful readers, I know these are wicked stressful times, but stick with us and you’ll get the love and XXXs of the whole blogosphere.

Comments (4)

Posted by GenGeorge

Tom, hi from Jersey! Great stuff! Care if I forward this to the troops for a pick-me-up?

Posted by Whig H8r

Typical radical junk from TPaine31. The only document TJeff is working on is the one in which he’ll beg His Majesty to pardon him. And he won’t. HM has hundreds of ships sailing from the Mother Country right now and when they come over the horizon, I will LAUGH! HA HA HA!

Posted by TJeff

Just wait, Whig H8r. I know someone whose unalienable rights are gonna get alienated PDQ when this is all over. We’re going to get ours—life, liberty and the pursuit of property—and you’re going to get squadoosh. Posted by Sam “Not John” Adams

Couldn’t have said it better TJeff. But stay on message. We did a click analysis and “pursuit of happiness” is stickier than “pursuit of property.”

3. From the Galapagos Report

Natural Selection?

Posted on Wed., Sept. 9, 1835, by C. Darwin

Hello from the Beagle! Reading Lyell’s Principles of Geology (get it at Amazon here). I saw tons of different kinds of finches on the archipelago. What if they all started out as one species and began adapting to fit different environmental niches? IMO, that would mean the ones that were fittest to survive would thrive. The others would die out. They’d evolve! Anyway, FWIW, I’m going to work on this idea.

Comments (2)

Posted by KansasSkoolsDarwin, that’s like, totally stupid. You might want to look at Genesis. How could finches evolve in seven days? TTYL, Science Boy!

Posted by Capt. FitzRoyChuck, this is all very interesting, but three of your turtles are loose on deck. Could you please log off and come get them? Thx.