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Sony PlayStation 3 Woes Continue

Nov 14, 20063 mins
Consumer Electronics

Sony, the Japanese electronics giant, on Tuesday announced that its PlayStation 3 game console will not run roughly 200 game titles for the two previous generations of its PlayStation machines, marking the firm’s latest tribulation related to the system, Reuters reports via

PlayStation 3 is meant to play all games for both PlayStation and PlayStation 2, according to Reuters. However, a software glitch is causing a number of games to run without audio, and some will not run at all.

Sony PlayStation 3
Sony PlayStation 3

Sony launched the system in Japan last weekend, and it’s set to be released in the United States this Friday. Two days later, Nintendo is expected to release its competitor in the next-generation game console space, dubbed Wii, and it and Sony will go head to head in a battle for supremacy with Microsoft and its Xbox 360 system, which launched a year ago.

Though the software glitch is indeed another hurdle Sony will need to endure, experts suggest that the issue is not a major problem and that such glitches aren’t uncommon in new hardware launches, Reuters reports.

When Sony launched PlayStation 2 in 2000, it too had some problems running games originally made for play with the PlayStation system, according to Reuters.

Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka said the firm plans to address the software glitch by issuing a fix via the Web, Reuters reports.

Sony has found itself in some financial trouble in recent days in relation to PlayStation 3’s development and launch and its ongoing battery recall program, which both led it to drastically cut its full-year profit forecast

Sony Headquarters
Sony Headquarters

The firm also delayed its PlayStation 3 launch in Europe until next spring, according to Reuters, due to problems with a component within the system’s Blu-ray disc drive.

When Sony releases PlayStation 3 in the United States, it will be available in a $499 low-end version with a 20GB hard drive, as well as a $599 model with 60GB of storage space and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Both will feature Blu-ray drives.

In related news, Microsoft recently said it would soon offer an HD-DVD add-on drive for use with the Xbox 360. A base Xbox 360 system sells for about $299, and the add-on HD-DVD drive will retail for about $170.

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