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Intel to Sink $1B Into Vietnam Chip Plant

Nov 10, 20061 min
Data Center

Intel, the world’s leading producer of computer chips, said on Friday that it will increase its original investment in its Vietnamese chip plant from roughly $300 million to $1 billion, the Associated Press reports via

The additional investment will increase the size of the chip assembly and testing plant to 500,000 square feet from about 150,000 square feet, an Intel representative told the AP on Friday.

The enhancements to the facility are expected to be finished sometime next year, and the plant is Vietnam’s first such facility and Intel’s sixth chip research and development locale in Asia, according to the AP.

In related news, Intel on Monday announced in conjunction with partner Micron that it plans to build a new factory in Singapore to produce NAND flash memory, which is commonly used in digital cameras and MP3 players.

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