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Sun Expands Ubuntu Linux Support

Nov 08, 20062 mins

Sun Microsystems is making its Java Enterprise Edition 5 programming platform available on the open-source Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Java Enterprise Edition 5 is the first Java application server to be distributed via Ubuntu, according to Jane Silber, chief operating officer for Canonical, the nonprofit sponsor of Ubuntu Linux. The deal was set to be announced Wednesday at the Ubuntu Development Summit in Mountain View, Calif.

Java Enterprise Edition is a programming platform to develop and run distributed Java applications on modular software components running on an application server.

The particular version of Java Enterprise Edition 5 (EE 5) that will run on Ubuntu is the one developed by the Sun-sponsored GlassFish Community, an open-source software development group focused on enterprise-level applications, including documentation, administration, monitoring and support.

Offerings such as the GlassFish-Ubuntu combination give developers access to the open-source frameworks needed to develop the next generation of Web 2.0 applications. The combination gives Ubuntu access to more Java servers, Silber said.

“It helps us and the Ubuntu development community in terms of making GlassFish available and deploying enterprise systems and applications,” Silber said.

Also Wednesday, Sun was set to announce that Canonical will certify and support Ubuntu on Sun’s x64 family of servers, which are based on Advanced Micro Devices’ Opteron processor platform. Ubuntu already is certified to run on servers and workstations based on Sun’s UltraSparc processors.

-Robert Mullins, IDG News Service (San Francisco Bureau)

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