by CIO Staff

NTP Hits Palm with Patent Infringement Suit

Nov 06, 20061 min

NTP, a privately held patent holding company, said on Monday that it has filed suit against handset maker Palm, charging it with patent infringement, the Associated Press reports via MSN Money.

NTP accused Palm within the suit of offering or employing “products, services, systems and processes” that infringe on its patents, according to the AP.

It is seeking an injunction to stop Palm’s alleged infringement, as well as unspecified monetary damages, the AP reports.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Palm could not be reached immediately by the AP for comment.

Last spring, Research In Motion, maker of the uber-popular BlackBerry handheld, doled out some $612.5 million to NTP to settle another patent infringement suit that spanned a number of years.

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