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Microsoft: Office 2007 Ready for Business Use

Nov 06, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

Microsoft, the world’s leading producer of software, on Monday said that it had finished up work on the code behind its popular Office 2007 software suite, according to Reuters, and it plans to release the product to businesses on Nov. 30.

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Last week, Microsoft said it would release the Office suite, as well as its much-anticipated—and oft-delayed—Windows Vista operating system on Nov. 30, and it expects the consumer releases to be available early next year. The business editions of the products will hit Canada one week earlier than the United States.

The office lineup includes the Word text processing program, as well as the Excel spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation applications.

Microsoft’s announcement that Office 2007 is ready for release to manufacturers suggests the Redmond, Wash.-based firm thinks the software has been vetted and modified enough for large-scale distribution.

Jeff Raikes, Microsoft business division president, said in a release, “We’ve crossed the development finish line,” according to Reuters.

Office 2007’s release was most recently bumped in June, Reuters reports.

Combined, Windows Vista and Microsoft Office comprise upwards of 50 percent of the software giant’s revenue and almost all of its profit, according to Reuters.

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