by Galen Gruman

Open-Source Suites

Nov 01, 20061 min

Just what will you find in the new crop of precertified suites? Here’s a sampling of options.

Red Hat: Offers the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite, with the JBoss application server, plus tools for portal management, business process rules management, caching, distributed transaction management, messaging and development.

SourceLabs: Offers the SASH stack for Java middleware, comprising Spring Framework for business logic and component integration, Apache Axis for Web services, Apache Struts for Web application development, and Hibernate for object-relational mapping and data abstraction.

SpikeSource: Offers three preintegrated middleware stacks: the LAMP Stack (composed of Linux, Apache, MySQL and a choice of Perl or PHP) for websites with dynamic database-driven content, the Tomcat-based Servlet Stack for dynamic websites written using Java-based Web technologies, and the JBoss-based J2EE Stack for Web applications using Java Servlets and Enterprise JavaBeans.

Unisys: Offers three Open and Secure Integrated Solutions (Oasis) suites—one for application servers and two for open-source databases—using technologies such as the JBoss application server, and the MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. In the application server, Unisys includes its own Java virtual machine, designed for high-transaction scalable environments, and its own application-level security software.