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MacExpo: Sonnet Adds Volta Volts to iPod

Oct 27, 20062 mins
Consumer Electronics

Sonnet Technologies is demonstrating its newly announced Volta for iPod video at MacExpo.

The solution boosts maximum video playback on iPods with video to an impressive 24 hours. The latest 80GB iPods offer six and a half hours of playback, but earlier generations support shorter durations—30GB models supported just two hours video playback.

Equipped with the Volta, Sonnet estimates that both new and older 30GB iPod videos will deliver 64 hours of audio playback, with 60GB and 80GB models yielding 80 hours of audio playback.

The Volta is a well-constructed glossy black aluminum device that clips to the back of the iPod. Fully charged, Volta will power the iPod as if the media player were connected to a computer or an AC adapter.

Volta, which ships with a belt clip, includes a charging cable that can be used with any computer, AC adapter or car charger with a USB port.

The solution also offers a pass-through port, so users can employ other devices (such as FM transmitters or voice recorders) with the Volta fitted.

Sonnet’s solution costs 44.99 pounds (US$85).

-Jonny Evans,

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