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Verizon Wireless 1st U.S. Carrier to Offer Mobile Flash Apps

Oct 26, 20062 mins

Verizon Wireless, a provider of wireless voice and data services, on Wednesday announced in conjunction with Adobe Systems and Qualcomm the availability of Adobe Flash Lite technology for Qualcomm’s BREW via its wireless network—a move that the company says makes it the first carrier in the United States to offer Flash applications via mobile phones, according to an Oct. 25 Adobe press release on

The news was announced at Adobe’s yearly MAX user event.

Users with phones that are compatible with Verizon Wireless’ Get It Now online store—which is powered by BREW—will be able to wirelessly purchase Flash-based applications, according to the release. Currently, Verizon offers four Get It Now-enabled phones: The V (LG VX9800), the Motorola RAZR V3c, the Motorola V3m and the Samsung SCH-a950. Additional Get It Now-supported handsets are expected to be released over the coming weeks, according to the release.

The announcement will also provide developers of mobile applications with opportunities to build and commercialize flash-based applications that could be used by Verizon’s more than 54 million voice and data customers.

“By combining Flash Lite with the Brew solution which enables our Get It Now Service, developers have a new way to easily design and market rich, interactive content to our customers—which includes everything from screensavers and games to comics and animation,” said Ray Taylor, Verizon Wireless’ director of product development, in the release.

In addition to the announced partnership with Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm, Adobe also released a free preview of its Flash Lite 2.1 update to Flash Professional 8, which lets developers build, preview and vet Flash Lite applications within the Flash Professional 8 setting, according to the release.

Developers who want to build apps for use by Verizon Wireless customers can find more information on both Verizon’s website and Adobe’s site.

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