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ICANN: Spamhaus Can’t be Shut Down by Us

Oct 12, 20062 mins

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization that manages the issuance of Internet domain names, released a statement on Tuesday in response to a court order handed down Friday that called for it to shut down The Spamhaus Project’s Web service, reports.

London-based Spamhaus is an antispam service, and the court order was issued against it for its refusal to pay $11.7 million in damages for identifying e-mail marketing firm E360Insight as a known spammer. That order was handed down by Judge Charles Kocoras from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on Friday. Spamhaus was ordered to pay the $11.7 million on Sept. 13, but it refused on grounds that the ruling could not be enforced in the United Kingdom, where it is based.

ICANN said in the statement that it is unable to suspend Spamhaus’ Internet service.

“ICANN cannot comply with any order requiring it to suspend or any specific domain name because ICANN does not have either the ability or authority to do so,” the organization said in the statement.

ICANN also said often the only party that can suspend such service is the Web registrar that holds a contractual relationship with the registered site.

“Only the Internet registrar with whom the registrant has a contractual relationship—and in certain instances the Internet registry—can suspend an individual domain name,” the statement reads.

In a Spamhaus release issued Wednesday, the organization said that its spam blocking stops some 50 billion spam messages each day, and its suspension would result in a mass volume of such messages hitting mail server queues all over the world.

“That in itself has a technical effect we cannot properly estimate but would certainly cause very serious problems in most countries,” the Spamhaus statement reads.

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