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Run Windows Apps on Macs Sans Windows

Oct 09, 20062 mins
Small and Medium BusinessWindows

2X ApplicationServer Mac client, a new server-based software that claims to allow Mac OS X to run Windows applications without installing them, has been announced.

The software means Mac users don’t need to use Boot Camp or Parallels to run Windows applications, though they will need a Windows server, making the new solution ideal for workgroups.

It lets any Windows application be tunneled from a Microsoft Terminal Server via Remote Desktop protocol (RDP) onto a Mac desktop, the company claims.

Organizations can install applications onto one central server and use 2X ApplicationServer to seamlessly tunnel up to five connections per server onto remote desktops.

“With the 2X ApplicationServer Mac client, we want to address all those companies that use Macs as part of their technology infrastructure and need to run Windows applications on those machines. Now they can continue to use Windows applications that are not available as Mac versions,” said Nikolaos Makris, 2X CEO.

To try it out, 2X ApplicationServer’s Mac client is available now for free for up to five connections.

The solution also supports Linux desktops. staff,

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