by CIO Staff

12 Signs You’re Stressed Out

Aug 01, 20031 min

1. Your stomach hurts; your head aches; you catch colds frequently.

2. You feel emotionally numb.

3. You snap at people: colleagues, your spouse, your kids.

4. People tell you they’re worried about you.

5. You feel that if you take on one more task, you’re going to blow.

6. You feel like quitting your job. Often.

7. You feel helpless, out of control.

8. You know that whatever you do, things are bound to go wrong.

9. And you know that when they do, you’ll be the only one who cares.

10. You feel guilty about taking a vacation.

11. You know the problem: it’s everybody else.

12. You can’t stop thinking about your work. Ever.

Source: Scott Stacy, clinical program director, Professional Renewal Center