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Microsoft Announces DRM Tech for Mobiles

Feb 12, 20072 mins

Microsoft Monday unveiled a digital rights management (DRM) platform designed to protect a wide range of mobile content.

Microsoft PlayReady, introduced at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona, can protect standard audio and video files, ringtones, pictures, games, wallpaper and other content that operators sell to mobile users. The technology aims to support operators that are working to meet the growing demand from end users for mobile content, Microsoft said.

A number of service providers including Telefonica, Verizon Wireless, Bouygues Telecom and AT&T have said they plan to use the technology, Microsoft said.

PlayReady supports a variety of models used by operators to sell content including subscription, rental and pay-per-view. It is compatible with Windows Media Audio, AAC, Windows Media Video and H.264 media formats.

Mobile users who buy content with the protection will be able to move content between their devices. In addition, PlayReady is backward compatible with Windows Media DRM 10, so devices that support PlayReady can access content that carries Windows Media DRM.

PlayReady will become available for implementation in the first half of 2007.

Nancy Gohring, IDG News Service (Dublin Bureau)

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