by CIO Staff

Take Precautions Before Employing Software as as Service

Mar 01, 20072 mins
Enterprise Applications

1. Software as a service (SaaS) still requires front-end work. Despite cost and operational benefits, SaaS software still must satisfy its end users. “As with any tool, adoption is the key to success. So spending time on the front end, building up your plan and creating a communications strategy will all help garner adoption.” –Anthony King, CIO, Ventana Medical Systems

2. Consider the state of your own data. How much work will be required to feed it to the SaaS app neatly? Trex found that Centive’s Compel app worked well—once Trex’s IT team exported the necessary data from an aging J.D. Edwards ERP engine that put up a longer-than-expected struggle. “Don’t underestimate the complexity of making sure system mergers can be handled.” –Mitch Cox, VP of sales, Trex

3. Don’t get optimistic on time frame. SaaS has a reputation for rapid deployment, but perhaps not as rapid as you may think. Set a realistic schedule. “I really thought we would be able to do this within a quarter, and that may have been just too aggressive.” –Mitch Cox

4. Examine your business processes. Some SaaS applications are difficult to customize, so make sure your business processes match the software’s design. “It’s a good opportunity to simplify the processes and to make your business more efficient.” –Fabrice Cancre, COO, Olympus NDT