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Digital Pocket Memo 9600 Offers Dictation Mobility and Security

Feb 27, 20071 min
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Royal Philips launched its new Digital Pocket Memo 9600. The handheld recording device offers functionality such as voice commands, voice activation and keywords that were integral to earlier versions, according to a company statement. It also includes features that represent the next generation of digital dictation technology. To further leverage this advanced technology, the company also offers users a PC-free LAN docking station and the Philips Barcode Scanner Module.

Philips claims that the Digital Pocket Memo 9600 has the highest data security standard in mobile dictation, through file encryption, passwords and personal user keys. Voice files are password-protected on the device itself to prevent unauthorized access. It also has a large backlit display—the largest backlit display of any dictation unit, the company says—and smart buttons that make operability completely intuitive.

Philips’ new LAN Docking Station can be used to transfer dictations from the Digital Pocket Memo through a LAN to a transcriptionist or a speech-recognition system without connecting to a computer. Encryption ensures that dictations are sent securely through the company network or the Internet, regardless of the destination, says the firm.

Esther Schindler

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