by CIO Staff

Accedian Networks Introduces Ethernet Service Level Agreement Meter

Feb 23, 20071 min

Accedian Networks has added a performance assurance agent (PAA) into its EtherNID Ethernet Demarcation Device product line. The Accedian EtherNID allows constant in-service monitoring of service-level agreement (SLA) parameters including packet loss, latency (delay), jitter (delay variation) and continuous end-to-end path continuity check (availability).

Using a silicon-based architecture, the EtherNID features the market’s lowest intrinsic latency and jitter, thus allowing it to yield the highest-precision measurements with an outstanding one-microsecond resolution and provide a true view of the end customer experience, the company says.

Accedian Networks’ PAA operates in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint fashion and is capable of monitoring multiple simultaneous flows. It operates at both Layer 2 and Layer 3 (IP) and, Accedian Networks claims, can assure SLAs on a per-VLAN, per-CoS, per-ToS and per-EVC basis.

Esther Schindler

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