by CIO Staff

Technologies for Innovation

Feb 01, 20071 min

Idea Constituency How IT Can Help Vendors
  • Surveys
  • Online validation of prototypes
  • Mining of customer complaints and suggestions
Active Decisions, Affinnova, Agile, E.piphany, IBM, Intelliseek, Questra, SAS, Spotfire
General employees
  • Identifying internal subject-matter experts
  • Collecting and analyzing ideas
Akiva, BrainBank, IBM, Imaginatik, Knowledge Systems, Microsoft, Mindjet, OAS, Tacit
Academics and freelance inventors
  • Screening independent inventors
  • Listing technologies
  • Matching buyers and sellers
Arizona Technology, Enterprises, InnoCentives, IP2IPO, NineSigma, UVentures,
Project managers
  • Reprioritizing innovation projects
  • Reallocating innovation resources dynamically
  • Fixing scientific bottlenecks
  • Collecting and sharing experiences from past projects
  • Supporting design-for-manufacturability and design-for-serviceability
AspenTech, Formation Systems, Gensym, IBM, IDe, Invention Machine, Microsoft, NinaTek, SAP, Sopheon, Spotfire, UGS PLM
Top executives
  • Analyzing patents
  • Predicting technology lifecycles and financial impact of market disruptions
  • Identifying risky projects
Capgemini, Evalueserve, Icosystem, Invention Machine, NuTech Solutions, SAP
SOURCE: Forrester Research and CIO reporting