by Michael Fitzgerald

Simulation Software for Application Development

Feb 01, 20071 min

iRise Studio, Shared Server: Studio, a sophisticated modeling tool, is the most advanced in the bunch today. Customers use it for requirements definition, prototyping and early usability feedback, among other things. The company’s server software allows real-time collaboration and manages check-in/check-out of documents by various group members. Companion reader software lets business-side customers view models of applications.

Serena Composer: Lower-cost modeling tool, not quite as robust as iRise, lacks the collaboration and group tools. Recently added free reader software for its customers.

Sofea Profesy: Similar to Composer, Profesy offers modeling tools aimed at business analysts. Sofea’s customers often focus on formalizing business processes and simulating how back-end systems will interact. Lacks free reader software.