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Compuware Introduces New Quality Assurance Solution

Jan 30, 20072 mins
Supply Chain Management Software

Compuware Corporation has introduced a new quality-assurance solution, Compuware Quality Management. According to the company, Compuware Quality Management enables QA organizations to deliver higher-quality applications by arming those organizations with the tools that they need to effectively implement and monitor their quality process. This new solution, they say, helps organizations progressively mature and manage quality across the lifecycle, accelerating the path to quality governance.

Compuware Quality Management helps organizations to implement a repeatable quality process and to put metrics in place to track ongoing projects. QA managers can use Compuware Quality Management to monitor these metrics and to ensure that their teams are consistently executing the organization’s quality process, ultimately delivering higher-quality applications, according to the firm.

Compuware Quality Management promises to provide quality managers with actionable insight into the quality process, giving quality managers the data they need to quickly identify problems and resolve issues. It does so by delivering data in a Web-based portal, which has a quality manager’s dashboard containing reports that give a cross-project view of current quality status for all projects that have ongoing testing activities. When Compuware Quality Management identifies problem areas, says the company statement, the quality manager can quickly drill down into more detailed reports to pinpoint and resolve issues.

Compuware Quality Management also provides a visual workflow that enables organizations to consistently implement their quality process.

Esther Schindler

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