by CIO Staff

YouTube, Wikipedia Voted into Top Five Brands

Jan 26, 20071 min
Consumer Electronics

A new survey shows that Web 2.0’s influence may be growing. YouTube and Wikipedia placed on the top-five list of brands with the most global impact in’s 2006 Readers’ Choice Awards. Results were announced Friday.

Google held the number-one spot for the second year. Apple narrowly kept second place, closely followed by YouTube in third. Fourth place went to Wikipedia, while Starbucks moved down to fifth (from fourth place last year).

The top five order for the United States-Canada region was slightly different. Apple took the number-one spot, followed by YouTube, Google, Starbucks and Wikipedia.

“The ascension of brands like Wikipedia and YouTube in our impact rankings are indicative of the mainstream emergence of Web 2.0 products that reward user participation,” said Editor Anthony Zumpano.

The survey counted votes from 3,625 readers from 100 countries on which brands had the strongest impact both globally and regionally.

-Compiled by Diann Daniel

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