by Galen Gruman

The Applications You Need to Manage Your Wireless Devices

Jan 15, 20071 min
MobileSmall and Medium Business

The applications to manage your connected devices depend on your mix of handheld PCs.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server: Research in Motion’s server and management software acts as a proxy between your e-mail server and BlackBerrys, using the carrier networks to wirelessly manage the devices.

GoodLink: Good Technology’s connected-handheld service includes the GoodLink Server to act as a proxy to the enterprise e-mail system, the GoodLink e-mail software that resides at the carrier, and two software applications for the GoodLink Server to manage the access and security settings. Supported devices include Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices (support for Symbian devices is planned).

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003: The standard Microsoft e-mail server includes the ability to manage connections to and settings for Windows Mobile handhelds.

Afaria: This software from iAnywhere Solutions provides central management of devices and cellular laptops, for software updates, access control and security management of BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. However, it does not replace the need for an e-mail proxy server that works with the devices.

CMG Enterprise: This software from Credant Technologies supports the same devices as iAnywhere’s Afaria, with similar management capabilities, and the same need for a separate e-mail proxy server.