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Blu-ray, HD DVD Divide Bridged by Warner Bros., LG

Jan 05, 20071 min
Consumer Electronics

Warner Bros., a movie studio division of the world’s largest media company, will introduce a high-definition DVD that can hold films and TV shows in both next-generation formats, according to the Associated Press. Warner Bros. will present the disc, the Total HD, at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas, beginning Jan. 8.

LG Electronics announced Thursday it will launch a DVD player that supports Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats, according to Reuters. Other electronics makers will likely follow suit.

The consumer electronics and entertainment industries have been hoping the new technologies will reinvigorate the slowing $24-billion-a-year home video market, reports Reuters. But so far consumers have largely stayed away from the dueling technologies for fear of being saddled with the loser. Both Blu-ray, backed by Sony, and HD DVD, developed by a Toshiba-led consortium, offer sharper pictures and greater storage capacity.

Compiled by Diann Daniel

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