by CIO Staff

Lattix LDM 3.0 Software Architecture Management Promises to Include Databases and Services

Jan 04, 20071 min
Enterprise Applications

Lattix, a provider of software architecture management solutions, released its newest solution, Lattix LDM 3.0. According to the company, the software promises to enable managers, architects and developers to visualize, specify and maintain the architecture of a complex enterprise software system.

Lattix uses dependencies to create blueprints of complex, mission-critical software applications. With Lattix LDM 3.0, the firm says, it is now possible to apply this approach for systems that span different domains, from the database to services and applications. Lattix LDM 3.0 delivers architecture governance by providing the means to specify and test the architecture, detect violations during development and prevent further architectural erosion.

Lattix LDM 3.0 has Java, C/C++, .NET, Oracle, Hibernate and LDI modules, with support for full Web-based reporting of architectural metrics, violations and incremental changes, says the company.

Lattix LDM 3.0 is available in three editions, starting at $495 for the Professional Edition.

—Esther Schindler

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