by CIO Staff

State of the CIO: IT Skills, Outsourcing and More

Jan 01, 20071 min

Most Wanted I.T. Skill Set

52% of CIOs say it’s project management, followed by application development (51%), database management (39%), security (37%), and BPM (36%)

Outsourcing Stabilizes

The amount of work you’re outsourcing stayed roughly the same as last year. The industry with the highest percentage of outsourcers/contractors: government; the lowest, education

Your Role in Innovation

89%of CIOs say innovation is a part or a significant part of your role

Where the SOA Experts Are

At a time when SOA gurus are in high demand, technology manufacturing firms have the highest concentration of CIOs with SOA experience (41%), which is

significantly higher than technology manufacturing’s representation in the overall average of CIOs (6%)