by CIO Staff

Startup Makes Commute Time More Productive

Jan 03, 20071 min

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that road warriors will soon be able to make their time in transit even more productive thanks to Autonet Mobile. The San Fran-based startup is bringing Wi-Fi connectivity to cars. The company’s Autonet Mobile Unit uses cell phone technology to create a hotspot in automobiles.

Passengers traveling in vehicles equipped with the unit, which will cost a cool $399 plus a $49 per month service charge, will be able to connect their laptops, mobile media players, some video game consoles, and Wi-Fi cameras and phones to the high-speed Internet. With the Autonet Mobile Unit, you’ll no longer need to stop at a Starbucks to get an Internet fix while on the road; you’ll be able to do so right from your rig.

—Meridith Levinson

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