by CIO Staff

New Microsoft Project Add-In Enables Drag-and-Drop Resource Allocations

Dec 21, 20061 min
Enterprise Applications

The Project Group has released a Microsoft Project add-in, TPG ResourcePlanning. According to the company, the add-in enables the graphical representation and editing of resource allocations in project portfolios. Using drag and drop, users can optimize the resource workload in project portfolios, keeping resource peaks as flat as possible. This eliminates the time-consuming toggling between different views in Microsoft Project and provides a significantly clearer overview, says the Munich-based company.

The distribution of resources within projects and in project portfolios can be accomplished graphically with a simple drag-and-drop action within the view. Vertical dragging moves a resource to another task, and horizontal dragging moves both the resource and the task along the time axis. When this is done, claims the firm, the changes in TPG ResourcePlanning are immediately synchronized with the content of the affected Microsoft Project files, enabling staff to switch between the programs immediately.

TPG ResourcePlanning is available in client and server versions.

—Esther Schindler

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